Thursday, January 8, 2015


Happy New Year! 2015

Ok I'm about a week late.   Better late than never.

I make no excuses but, will just jump into it. A great year so far ---family in good health. 
What do I expect this year?  What are my resolutions?  Probably the same as many

- lose weight
- Enjoy family & friends
- create in all forms
- share passions
-  Be inspired

This goes for me at work and at home. Simple plans to live in 2015
 I pinned these words recently that I want to work into my daily life as well- see above 
 I think that I need to appreciate the simple things this year. Back to Basics
I look back over 2014 and the most important and memorable things are; babysitting grandkids, time with my sons & husband, enjoying a craft day with the girls, the road trips with my sister, celebrating with my team.  Its the personal connections that mean the most.  And personal connections don't cost a thing!

Simple life & Back to Basics

  • Lose Weight - this will be the hardest for me - so stay tuned.  My first steps; bought a scale & have ap on my phone to monitor my success.
  • Enjoy F &F - first appreciate them in each moment.  And stay in touch.
  • Create - schedule it!  Planned projects - art journal, new quilt, grandbaby clothes
  • Share - everything is better shared
  • Be inspired - Wake Up...
So I have challenged my Facebook connections to start an Art Journal.  I open this up here as we; and will add more details as we go .

Art Journal
JANUARY - the month of beginning - so I have challenged my Facebook friends to create an Art Journal during 2015.  And I invite you too!!  Make it your own - nothing fancy.  Use  a plain notebook, recycle a book, make a page, block, whatever.  Use an art median or word or receipt or clippings - again - your choice.  Each month I will supply a theme - use the whole month to create. 

January - snow - white - minimal

Hurrah for January -  Jump into it!