Monday, January 28, 2013

Take Time to Sew


Well - I've been tied up with the working world so I didn't make the blog dateline of 1 posting per week.  But, I've set up the Cloth Continued Facebook page for your all to "Like" & share your sewing/creating happening with me there as well.  Post  your latest projects or your top 5 UFOs (unfinished objects).

I get asked all the time - "How do you have time to sew?" with the world spinning around I have a couple of tricks that I keep up my sleeve so that I can enjoy "Sew-therapy". Here are my top 2!

#1 - Schedule time for Family, Home, Art (sew) & Share into every month.  I start by penciling in every weekend on my calendar, every week - the whole year.  1 project theme per weekend.  Last weekend for me was "Home" and it was a simple as taking the time to clean out the frig, getting my bedroom "fresh" by putting on clean linen  & ironing my pillow cases ( I LOVE ironed pillow cases - kinds dorky - I know).  I know that this sounds very domestic but, it feels so good who you get to enjoy the outcome.  I also squeezed some "Family" in here because it was needed.  My youngest son, Lucas & I had to tour NW Mo college where he plans to attend this fall.  It was a great day that I don't get much of anymore with just him & me.
So, as you can see - when life happens you add it into your schedule.
  But, if life does not get in the way - I have a"Plan" to squeeze it in.

#2 - Create 15 minutes at time.  How, you say, can you get anything done in 15 minutes at time?  You would be amazed.  Now, I will admit that I have the luxury of having a Sewing Studio (yes, I said studio - it's the same as  a sewing room but, "Studio" raises the bar on my personal expectations).  But @15 minutes at a time, I can plan the project, or cut out the garment, or sew in sleeves or sew 5 quilt blocks.  All I can say is that if I only have 15 minutes and if I sew 15 minutes a week - I usually finish I project per month.

So, if an entire weekend is out of the picture - I crave the "15" - Try it - it will surprise you!

Share - what tricks do you do to make your "Sew-therapy" happen?


As I mentioned in my last blog - I am creating a Project calendar for fun to add to the excitement of my scheduled life.  I'm half done - so stayed tuned to the blog next to show it off.  I think I'll really have fun with it this year.  I encourage you to try your own & share with us ----------- a yearly tradition - pass it on!!

I talked about UFOs - many of you already know what this stands for - the little objects flying around in your head or studio - that you need to finish up so that you can clear the gray matter or the cutting table space to start 5 more (LOL)

My rule of thumb is that for every project you finish - you get to start 5 more. 
  Don't you agree :-)  

I'll go check out what my top 5 UFOs are and get back with you -   thanks for checking in!!
Cloth Continued ---------------------------  until next blog --- Linnca

Monday, January 14, 2013

Legacy Inspriations

Post #2-2013

I asked each of you to share your who in your life is your 
Legacy Inspiration & Art median of choose

 This question for me has a lot of different answers.  
I have been blessed with many people past & present 
that live "a creative life with passion".

Barbara - my mom - a quite matriarch. I would say is my strongest influence of the creative spirit - she exposed me & our family to so many art forms through out her life.  But - her passion was water color painting.

Grandma A - Greta - a Swedish immigrate who was self - reliant  &  opinionated,, a  baker & seamstress who always added details.  Her hand embroidery was the added "Love".

Grace - a pioneer woman that lived up to her name.  Mother of 3 daughters. A "Foody" before her time.  The simple foods were the best - to die for pot roast & fudge - YUM!

Kris - my sister - a generous woman with talents in  so many areas you will have to keep reading my blog to learn them all.  Love U Sis.


That's just the first in my group of women
 - I'll share more as I blog on.....

My Art of Passion is Cloth & Paper Mixed Media 
- which I work into Home & Fashion

My first Project for you to Create & Share 

Legacy Inspiration Wreath 

I'm making mine with cloth and paper - but, you can use any medium that inspires you.  Use my design or create your own. 
(Ali I challenge you to an Occasional Owl style) 
 &  everyone drop by
 A & J Blog @ With Our Powers Combined 
- very unique - my new generation inspiring me!

I've included the woman past & present who are my greatest inspiration. The 4 red hearts are for the 4 men in my life who inspire me each day

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Jumping off the Cliff

OK - for all of you who have been blogging for years - this is new to me.  I am not known for being shy in my opinions or quiet of voice but you will have to bear with me as I start this blogging.  I'll learn as I go ----

You are probably wondering what  - "Cloth Continued" is all about. 
 I believe that i gave you a taste with my mantra ---

" Bringing together women in sewing & traditional arts - thru idea sharing, studio & on line classes & community services. 

--------Continuing the legacy for the next generation."

For those of you who don't know me - I have been in the sewing industry all my working life.  From starting at the Singer Sewing Machine Company in Kansas City MO when I was just 16 yrs. old.  Then moving into Red X Fabrics (a local mom & pop) thru my high school years.  Then i moved to So-Fro Fabrics (Ill bet that's a name many of your remember, now extincted) until 1992 when my last child was born.  I then ventured into the designer business with my own company "Peppermint Pig".  Shared with my best friend Mary. (10 years of fun) And now I am with Hancock Fabrics.  One of the last remaining "true" fabric stores dedicated to cloth.  But, I will go into my history a little as a go in this blog.

Why am I starting a blog????
Good question - Because i know that there are millions of women who "LOVE" the art of anything cloth (and many men as well - I'm not leaving you out)  And every day, every year it seems that the art of sewing becomes diluted.  Slowly disappearing from the landscape of life.  So, i wanted to send out a rally cry for us to gather together.

The Legacy of Women's traditional arts can be lost in a generation -   Share the Love of Sewing - in all it's forms with your daughters & sisters & sister-friends.

I'm also a daughter & grand-daughter of women who honored traditions & personal creativity in many forms.  And I am a mom of three amazing boys so I have NO girls (yet) to share this passion.  

There you have it - my jumping off the cliff into my first blog. Lots more to come.  

Let's start by getting to know each other - drop my a note and tell me your art form of choice & who your "legacy - inspiration" woman is in your life.

Cloth Continued ---- from Linnca