Tuesday, July 7, 2015


Your worth is not measured by the value given to you by people who don't even know you. Your grace comes from God's love.

Share the Quotes of Grace
She Has Fire In Her Soul and Grace In Her Heart Art

Hand painted Sign  Your grace is enough' on by sariko1981 on Etsy, $30.00
Allow yourself to Nurture Yourself
Where do I jump back in - I started blogging as a journey and an self- inspiration.  I am so grateful for my creative life and family.  And these also keep me so busy that I forget to breathe.-------

There have been so many events that continue to inspire me this year I don't know where to start. 
  • Barbara T'Arts - this is the gathering of my sister, sister-in-laws, nieces, daughter-in-laws.  We get together each year to share a craft project that is inspired by Mom - Barbara . ( Love you Mom!!)  Our theme this year was the word "Grace" .  I must say I am impressed at the talent and creativity that each of crafted to celebrate  "Grace" 
  •  So ------ENJOY!!  
  • a Collection of : Appliqued & trimmed towels by Kris, Nest of Quotes of Grace to ponder daily by Susan, Artful jewelry with hand - stamped charm of "Grace" by Brittany, a heartfelt collage of family - given to Sheila by the Grace of God, Dinner plates with quotes of Grace to cherish by Ali, a cross decoupage with burlap & letters in regal purple by Crystal, a serving tray with "Grace & sunflowers by Becky, and a canvas of quotes of Grace by me.
We are all so blessed to have each other - and to have the families that bring us together in joy & comfort.
And so it continues ----- my creative life shared with the women that inspire me---- who will you inspire.  

The Women of Barbara T'Arts
back; ME, Becky, Susan, Kris
front; Crystal, Sheila, Brittany, Ali

Thursday, January 8, 2015


Happy New Year! 2015

Ok I'm about a week late.   Better late than never.

I make no excuses but, will just jump into it. A great year so far ---family in good health. 
What do I expect this year?  What are my resolutions?  Probably the same as many

- lose weight
- Enjoy family & friends
- create in all forms
- share passions
-  Be inspired

This goes for me at work and at home. Simple plans to live in 2015
 I pinned these words recently that I want to work into my daily life as well- see above 
 I think that I need to appreciate the simple things this year. Back to Basics
I look back over 2014 and the most important and memorable things are; babysitting grandkids, time with my sons & husband, enjoying a craft day with the girls, the road trips with my sister, celebrating with my team.  Its the personal connections that mean the most.  And personal connections don't cost a thing!

Simple life & Back to Basics

  • Lose Weight - this will be the hardest for me - so stay tuned.  My first steps; bought a scale & have ap on my phone to monitor my success.
  • Enjoy F &F - first appreciate them in each moment.  And stay in touch.
  • Create - schedule it!  Planned projects - art journal, new quilt, grandbaby clothes
  • Share - everything is better shared
  • Be inspired - Wake Up...
So I have challenged my Facebook connections to start an Art Journal.  I open this up here as we; and will add more details as we go .

Art Journal
JANUARY - the month of beginning - so I have challenged my Facebook friends to create an Art Journal during 2015.  And I invite you too!!  Make it your own - nothing fancy.  Use  a plain notebook, recycle a book, make a page, block, whatever.  Use an art median or word or receipt or clippings - again - your choice.  Each month I will supply a theme - use the whole month to create. 

January - snow - white - minimal

Hurrah for January -  Jump into it!