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Legacy Inspriations

Post #2-2013

I asked each of you to share your who in your life is your 
Legacy Inspiration & Art median of choose

 This question for me has a lot of different answers.  
I have been blessed with many people past & present 
that live "a creative life with passion".

Barbara - my mom - a quite matriarch. I would say is my strongest influence of the creative spirit - she exposed me & our family to so many art forms through out her life.  But - her passion was water color painting.

Grandma A - Greta - a Swedish immigrate who was self - reliant  &  opinionated,, a  baker & seamstress who always added details.  Her hand embroidery was the added "Love".

Grace - a pioneer woman that lived up to her name.  Mother of 3 daughters. A "Foody" before her time.  The simple foods were the best - to die for pot roast & fudge - YUM!

Kris - my sister - a generous woman with talents in  so many areas you will have to keep reading my blog to learn them all.  Love U Sis.


That's just the first in my group of women
 - I'll share more as I blog on.....

My Art of Passion is Cloth & Paper Mixed Media 
- which I work into Home & Fashion

My first Project for you to Create & Share 

Legacy Inspiration Wreath 

I'm making mine with cloth and paper - but, you can use any medium that inspires you.  Use my design or create your own. 
(Ali I challenge you to an Occasional Owl style) 
 &  everyone drop by
 A & J Blog @ With Our Powers Combined 
- very unique - my new generation inspiring me!

I've included the woman past & present who are my greatest inspiration. The 4 red hearts are for the 4 men in my life who inspire me each day

#2 - 2013
Legacy Inspiration Wreath -

Materials Needed;

1 - 20 x 20 piece of scrap cloth for background base cloth
Scraps of monotone cotton cut into strips - 1" x 2" wide strips (I used cream on creams but it would be great in any color)
14 " x 14" Brown piece of wool  or felt for wreath
scraps of assorted green wool or felt for leaves ( i used 4 different colors)
scraps of red wool or felt for heart   Optional
off white or oatmeal colored paper to print name onto - Use a heaver paper than regular printer paper.
off white thread to piece background
brown thread for applique

1.  Cut scraps of monotone cotton for background in to assorted strips - approximately 25 strips 20" long
2.  Starting at the bottom of the background base cloth stitch the first strip right side facing up.
3.  Add second strip by placing ride sides together to first strip.  Stitch across base, stitching strip with a 1/4 seam allowance to second strip but attaching to base at the same time.   Press strip open toward top.
4.  Continue to add strips in same manner as step #3 until you have filled the background base cloth from bottom to top.  After sewing on last strip and pressing open, stitch last raw edge of last strip down to base cloth at top of square

5 - Cut out wreath, leaves & heart from woolens.
6  - Stitch wreath to center of 20" square.  I used a regular zig-zag for the stitching.
7 - Arranges leaves & heart onto wreath as per photo.   Pin into place and stitch each on down.  The leaves are only stitched Thur the middle with a clever embroidery stitch on my sewing machine.  You can also zig zag them as  you did the wreath, your choice.  Continue to stitch heart if needed. - Again i used zig-zag stitching here.

8 - On your computer - create the list of Legacy Inspiration women (or men) in your live that inspire you to create with passion.  Use any Font you like - I used -  Batik Regular - size 24. Print
9 - Cut your list of names out of the paper and arranged them in random order.  You can have extra open leaves in case you need to add more names later.  Stitch down with  zig-zag brown thread.


10 - My final touch was to add the "Distressed" look by spraying it down with Distress It

Now I have to decide how i want to finish it off - in a pillow, in  a frame or just pinned to my studio wall.
A constant inspiration.

It would also be awesome - if you choose your "art medium" like; scrap paper, watercolor, hand applique.

Remember - I Love Sew & Tell  - so drop me a note & a photo - Of Course!

So let's Bring it Together and start the new Legacy of Cloth Continued -------

                          I LOVE DRESS FORMS

2013 is a new Jumping off year for me -
 But, in my life time flies - so planning is needed. 
My plan for Cloth Continued Blog is a weekly posting.  So sign up for an email confirmation when a new post comes out.  
Also, like me on Facebook @ Cloth Continued.

I plan my year, months & weeks to include: 
Family, Home, Art & Share. 
(of course, sometimes life get in my way)

  Next week on the Cloth Continued Blog I'll share my 
Sew Creative Journal Calendar 
that I hope it will keep me on track - you can make one too!

Cloth  Continued Legacy - Lived by Linnca 

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