Monday, January 28, 2013

Take Time to Sew


Well - I've been tied up with the working world so I didn't make the blog dateline of 1 posting per week.  But, I've set up the Cloth Continued Facebook page for your all to "Like" & share your sewing/creating happening with me there as well.  Post  your latest projects or your top 5 UFOs (unfinished objects).

I get asked all the time - "How do you have time to sew?" with the world spinning around I have a couple of tricks that I keep up my sleeve so that I can enjoy "Sew-therapy". Here are my top 2!

#1 - Schedule time for Family, Home, Art (sew) & Share into every month.  I start by penciling in every weekend on my calendar, every week - the whole year.  1 project theme per weekend.  Last weekend for me was "Home" and it was a simple as taking the time to clean out the frig, getting my bedroom "fresh" by putting on clean linen  & ironing my pillow cases ( I LOVE ironed pillow cases - kinds dorky - I know).  I know that this sounds very domestic but, it feels so good who you get to enjoy the outcome.  I also squeezed some "Family" in here because it was needed.  My youngest son, Lucas & I had to tour NW Mo college where he plans to attend this fall.  It was a great day that I don't get much of anymore with just him & me.
So, as you can see - when life happens you add it into your schedule.
  But, if life does not get in the way - I have a"Plan" to squeeze it in.

#2 - Create 15 minutes at time.  How, you say, can you get anything done in 15 minutes at time?  You would be amazed.  Now, I will admit that I have the luxury of having a Sewing Studio (yes, I said studio - it's the same as  a sewing room but, "Studio" raises the bar on my personal expectations).  But @15 minutes at a time, I can plan the project, or cut out the garment, or sew in sleeves or sew 5 quilt blocks.  All I can say is that if I only have 15 minutes and if I sew 15 minutes a week - I usually finish I project per month.

So, if an entire weekend is out of the picture - I crave the "15" - Try it - it will surprise you!

Share - what tricks do you do to make your "Sew-therapy" happen?


As I mentioned in my last blog - I am creating a Project calendar for fun to add to the excitement of my scheduled life.  I'm half done - so stayed tuned to the blog next to show it off.  I think I'll really have fun with it this year.  I encourage you to try your own & share with us ----------- a yearly tradition - pass it on!!

I talked about UFOs - many of you already know what this stands for - the little objects flying around in your head or studio - that you need to finish up so that you can clear the gray matter or the cutting table space to start 5 more (LOL)

My rule of thumb is that for every project you finish - you get to start 5 more. 
  Don't you agree :-)  

I'll go check out what my top 5 UFOs are and get back with you -   thanks for checking in!!
Cloth Continued ---------------------------  until next blog --- Linnca

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