Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Jumping off the Cliff

OK - for all of you who have been blogging for years - this is new to me.  I am not known for being shy in my opinions or quiet of voice but you will have to bear with me as I start this blogging.  I'll learn as I go ----

You are probably wondering what  - "Cloth Continued" is all about. 
 I believe that i gave you a taste with my mantra ---

" Bringing together women in sewing & traditional arts - thru idea sharing, studio & on line classes & community services. 

--------Continuing the legacy for the next generation."

For those of you who don't know me - I have been in the sewing industry all my working life.  From starting at the Singer Sewing Machine Company in Kansas City MO when I was just 16 yrs. old.  Then moving into Red X Fabrics (a local mom & pop) thru my high school years.  Then i moved to So-Fro Fabrics (Ill bet that's a name many of your remember, now extincted) until 1992 when my last child was born.  I then ventured into the designer business with my own company "Peppermint Pig".  Shared with my best friend Mary. (10 years of fun) And now I am with Hancock Fabrics.  One of the last remaining "true" fabric stores dedicated to cloth.  But, I will go into my history a little as a go in this blog.

Why am I starting a blog????
Good question - Because i know that there are millions of women who "LOVE" the art of anything cloth (and many men as well - I'm not leaving you out)  And every day, every year it seems that the art of sewing becomes diluted.  Slowly disappearing from the landscape of life.  So, i wanted to send out a rally cry for us to gather together.

The Legacy of Women's traditional arts can be lost in a generation -   Share the Love of Sewing - in all it's forms with your daughters & sisters & sister-friends.

I'm also a daughter & grand-daughter of women who honored traditions & personal creativity in many forms.  And I am a mom of three amazing boys so I have NO girls (yet) to share this passion.  

There you have it - my jumping off the cliff into my first blog. Lots more to come.  

Let's start by getting to know each other - drop my a note and tell me your art form of choice & who your "legacy - inspiration" woman is in your life.

Cloth Continued ---- from Linnca

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  1. Congratulations on jumping in there and getting started! I got my talent, inspiration and energy for crafting from my mother and her sister. They're great role models and have become quite the asset to myself and my husband as we've started our own blogging adventure ;) Love you Aunt Linnca!