Friday, May 17, 2013

Life continues - Life goes on :)

Life continues on - Ive missed writing and sharing.  Time gets away sometimes but, I need to reconnect with this blog - it feeds my soul.

So, to catch you all up there have been some great news in my life.    I will be a Grandma this year.  "Grandma" what an interesting word.  It makes me smile just to say it.  Tim, my oldest son, and Sheila my new "daughter" will be delivering my new grandaughter in July (or sooner)  Sheila has added the girlish that i have not had in my life yet.  Being a mom of 3 boys on a farm can be along way from "girly".    So, now i am on the path to alot of pink in my life (I'm not sure that I am ready for that) but it will be fun to test.

Also, I want to invite you all to my sales coming up on June 15th on the farm.  It's the "Stash Bash & Recycle Market".  What I classifiy as a creative life - garage sale.  I am cleaning out my studio so you can get some great deals. ( And I will be able to buy more stuff)  I also need some of you to join me in cleaning out your stash.  I plan to do this annually - so I need some "charter" crafters.


So, I will have alot to share with you over the coming months.  I'm working on the new baby quilt of course - in pink!!  

I also have been looking into getting a long arm quilting machine - so any thoughts - information - recommendations would  be appreciated.  ( If you have one for sale - let me know)

Stay tuned for "Woman Art Camp" in July and "Artist & Antique" sale in October.
Keep the creative juices flowing  ------ and "Hi" Ali & Jamie !!! 

Stash Bash & Recycle Sale
Join us to Buy or Sell or Trade

· a unique group of creative artist & craftsmen
· Clearing out our stashes in order to buy more :)
· We might even have some finished
        creations to offer

Saturday— June 15th—9am to 2pm
13201 NW Skyview Ave * KCMO
Hosted by Linnca Stevens

Vendors Wanted
Be a Carter Merchant

· A Fun outside atmosphere on the farm —-
· Fee of $25. to cover advertising & etc.
· Bring your own tables or display items
· A cover tent might be a good idea
· No electricity available

Special Friends Night—limit of 2 per vendor
Friday Night— June 14th—6—9pm
Campfire & Cracker Barrel
By Invitation Only
Call Linnca @ 816-529-3215

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